We are providing following innovative products to monitor and manage clinical trials better.

SET-Office ​We have the concept of SET-Office where we will provide you the support to set your clinical and medical affair department. SET-Office will prepare and customise your SOP, working procedures and provide you day to day operational functionality. SET-Office can provide people, processes and infrastructure across multiple therapeutic areas and function as an extension of your company clinical research department. SET-Office will provide you an option to establish your clinical and medical affairs department for specific clinical trial project.

SHORTech-Platform Today, even ICH felt that there is need to make an addendum to existing guidelines to accommodate appropriate use of modern technologies. In today's business environment, there are many technologies in every area from electronic submission to setting up electronic TMF. Most of times these technologies provides great help in many ways but it is not feasible to use these technologies in all areas without understanding the requirement.

SHORTech-Platform provides you the knowledge and understanding about available technologies in clinical research domain and its usefulness whether this is really useful for specific study or not. Our expert in the area of information technology and clinical operation will understand your requirement and suggest the best available technology or technology product which will suit your study design.