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Cell and Gene Therapy is the latest advancement in the treatment area. Cell and Gene Therapy clinical trials were active in various stages across the globe. These trials represent innovative approaches to treating diseases by manipulating the genetic material or using cells to repair, replace, or enhance biological functions. Cell and Gene Therapy are being explored for a wide range of diseases, including certain types of cancers, genetic disorders, and other debilitating conditions. CAR-T cell therapies are one of the examples of Cell and Gene Therapy and have gone through various clinical trials across the globe.

Like traditional drug development, Cell and Gene Therapy clinical trials go through different phases, including Phase I, II, III and IV. We as an Abiogenesis have long experience with biosimilars and now extending the same expertise in the Area of Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Development. If you are looking for Clinical Development for Cell and Gene Therapy, then please reach out to us for further information.