Mr Chikku Abraham Joseph

Chief Operations Officer

Mr Chikku Abraham Joseph is Chief Operating Officer in Abiogenesis Clinpharm, second in line of command after the CEO, tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Abiogenesis Clinpharm. A globally experienced clinical research professional with a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy whose progressive experience spanning over 16+ years in various clinical research capacities has made him an expert with a profound understanding of clinical research methodology and regulations with specific expertise in ANDA and NDA studies.

Mr Joseph is a skilled communicator and an effective leader who is responsible for maintaining key operational procedures and ensuring day-to-day operational excellence and responsible for the Operational delivery of Abiogenesis’ Clinical Research Services.

Mr Joseph has directed strategic outsourcing solutions from start to finish for both the National and Global pharmaceutical industries. He is highly skilled in Project Management and has hands-on experience developing project plans and schedules, tracking projects and reporting on budget and project status, evaluating system solutions and preparing reports for safety monitoring committees. He has an excellent understanding of project management methodologies empowering him to lead a cross-functional team effectively.

His primary responsibilities include planning and managing all aspects of a clinical trial for successful completion of the projects awarded to Abiogenesis, supporting regulatory submissions or marketing claims, overseeing the departments, and acting as a liaison between the study sponsor and departments. Other responsibilities include evaluating staff performance and leading the resolution of issues with the clinical study.