We are dedicated to supporting the development of life-saving vaccines. We offer comprehensive clinical trial services to vaccine companies and we understand the critical role vaccines play in global health.  Our team of experienced clinical trial associate, managers and vaccine experts has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities involved in vaccine Clinical Trials. Our unwavering commitment to quality and compliance ensures that your vaccine clinical trials meet all regulatory standards and adhere to best practices. We have a proven track record of successfully working on many vaccine candidates those are already in the market now.

You can see below some the of vaccine where we have work in recent time. Let us know how we can contribute in your biosimilar clinical development program.

Sr.No Type Of vaccine Phase of Trial Study Population No of Sites
1 Liquid Hexavalent Phase I 48 1
2 Japanese Encephalitis & Measles Mums & Rubella Phase III 570 9
3 Hepatitis B PMS 500 7
4 Dengue Phase I 90 2
5 Measles Mums & Rubella Vacciine Phase II/III 888 6
6 Hepatitis A Phase II/III 528 8
7 TT Vaccine Phase I 40 1
8 TT Vaccine Phase II/III 180 4
9 Td Vaccine Phase II/III 120 4
10 Covid-19 Phase III 360 8
11 Chikungunya Phase I 90 2
12 Cholera Vaccine Phase II/III 312 8